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Helping someone in need is not an obligation, it is a privilege !
Nhora Aust


Helping the next generation find their voice in the community is a necessity of any neighborhood and city. They are our next innovators and leaders, our next change makers and influencers. The next generation is capable of so much. As a mentoring program for youth, You and Me Kids hopes to challenge the next generation though knowledge sharing and skills development, while increasing social cohesion and helping preserve community heritage and memories.

Allowing students to find and develop their own learning skills is extremely important for their growth, and Kids Tutoring aims to help provide that foundation. This activity assists elementary and high school students with subject and/or learning difficulties, ultimately helping improve grades.

Through fundraising efforts, the project focuses on providing underprivileged kids with opportunities to stay active and social with kids of varying backgrounds. Kids Activities not only serves to broaden skillsets and creativity through activities of their choice, but it promotes collaboration and community.