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Helping someone in need is not an obligation, it is a privilege !
Nhora Aust

IN each community, there are those who need help and assistance

As our name suggests, no person is suffering alone. We are a community and "all community members should have equal levels of well-being and assistance.”

Thank you for choosing to support YMIF. Every donation helps to create programs for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to overcome social and economic barriers. Your contributions create stronger and more vibrant communities.

We rely on your generous financial support, until now, You and Me Foundation (YMIF )have no Government funding to deliver these imperative program YMIF services ensure that those we care for can continue engaging in community life. Our social support program includes organizing and hosting group activities and individualized services such as senior assistance with shopping, medical appointments you and me kids, Teaching English and French as a second language and other day-to-day fundamentals.
That is why we need your donations and support to preserve the dignity and well-being of someone in need within our community.